Tips for selling your home during a slow real estate market

Are you planning on selling your Dallas Texas home but you’re concerned about if you will be able to sell your home as quickly as your neighbors once did when they sold their homes within the last few years? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

The good news is that you could sell your home during any real estate market, in any time of year, especially if you follow these tips.

How To Sell Your Home During A Slow Market

You have to be willing to price it right:  If you’re going to sell your home in a down market, you may have to be willing to make some concessions on price.   In many areas foreclosures have depressed the prices quite a bit.  While you may not be able to cut your price to the level of some of those bank owned homes, you can still do your research as to what comparable homes are selling for, and undercut their prices.  You may not get as much action as the foreclosures, but you will at least get more action than other sellers who aren’t as flexible on price.  Try not to get emotionally stuck at a certain price.  Research prices on sites like where you can see what other homes are selling for, or have an agent give you a comparative analysis.

Make sure the home has curb appeal:  Even if you can’t compete on price with foreclosures, you can do your best to make sure that your house at least looks better on the outside than the foreclosure down the block.   Get the home power washed, paint the trim and the doors, put on new exterior lights and/or knockers, and give your plants some sprucing up.   All the hard work should pay off by at least getting that buyer through the door.  (When we sold, this was key for us because there were similar units at the same or lower price. Our unit was just in better shape, had been repainted, etc.)

Clear the home of clutter:  When you’re living in the home, it may be ok to have stacks of papers on the coffee table, and tons of personal photos on the walls.   But when you’re selling a home you want the potential buyers to picture themselves living in the house.  Remove personal photos from the walls, and replace them with neutral framed art.  Take everything off the countertops in the kitchen to make it seem like there is more counter space.  Remove any unnecessary furniture and put it into storage.  If you can remove clothing from the closets and put it into self-storage you make the closets feel bigger.  Reduce all the extra clutter throughout the house to make it feel bigger, more spacious and buyer friendly!

Get Started With Selling Your Home

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