More People Are Moving to The Dallas Area for Work


By Heath Olinger

DALLAS, TX. – There’s no doubt that the Dallas Area continues to attract thousands of new people every year thanks to the affordable home prices that the DFW housing market offers but thanks to recent reports we know that more people are moving to Dallas due to jobs.

Hot Jobs Market

Lots of people are moving to Dallas for work, according to the observable and growing number of bad drivers I like to assume are transplanted Californians for the sake of in-car comedy routines, and to a new study from the job-finding site Glassdoor.

A population boom in Dallas-Fort Worth is not a new story. An alleged low cost of living, no state income tax, growing suburban areas, yada yada. Jobs have always been one of the biggest parts of that story—people mostly don’t come to Dallas because it’s cool to live in Dallas, although business leaders here are trying to change that perception. But the Glassdoor study does have some interesting details on where these “metro movers” are coming from, who they’re going to work for, and why they’re happy to move.

The Glassdoor researchers contend that a metro area needs a few things, or at least one of a few things, to attract job-seekers. A red-hot industry (see industry, tech) helps, as evidenced by the growth in San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, and Austin. Being big centers of culture and commerce in the first place helps: New York and Los Angeles are not hurting for newcomers. And some of it’s a matter of geography. As a metro area, North Texas’ closest competition is at least a three-hour drive away.

Do any of the conclusions in this report apply to North Texas’ ongoing contention for Amazon’s second headquarters? Yes:

…most job candidates prefer to stay close to home. So, candidate pools for most jobs will typically be comprised of local applicants. For employers choosing locations for new offices and facilities, it’s important to look beyond monetary factors like taxes and real estate costs. Employers should consider the local labor market and whether it contains the skills and education they’ll need to hire because most job applications will be coming from the nearby labor force.

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