Galley Kitchen Ideas You Can Really Cook With

Many people consider a galley kitchen undesirable. A galley kitchen, as opposed to the oft-coveted open kitchen, has a narrow layout typically between two parallel walls with the sink, appliances, shelves, and cabinets running along the walls. Counter space tends to be extremely limited, and the room can feel uncomfortably narrow. But the following examples prove galley kitchens are just as stylish as they are functional. Whether you’re in the planning stages of a full-on renovation or looking for ways to spruce up your own galley kitchen, these ideas will make any amateur chef happy.

Add a Runner

A carpet runner in a galley kitchen will “help create eye movement around the room,” says Val Malnar, an interior decorator from Ontario, Canada. “When the eye is forced to move, it gives the impression of more space.”

Create a Breakfast Nook

Interior decorator Allison Harlow of Curio Design Studio recently finished a galley-style kitchen in a tiny cottage.

“One thing we did to maximize the space and functionality of the kitchen was to add in a small banquette and table to create a cozy breakfast nook,” Harlow says. “We also added pull-out storage underneath each bench seat.”

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