Is Now The Best Time For Home Buyers?

Mortgage interest rates have been steadily increasing over recent years, including this year, and the BIG QUESTION that many people have on their minds is if now is the right time for buyers to take action and purchase Dallas Texas Real Estate or homes elsewhere in the country.

The answer to this question is yes. Now is the right time for buyers to purchase real estate in Dallas Texas and elsewhere across the United States, especially before rates go up even more, making buying a home un-affordable for many.

Last Call For Mortgage Interest Rates

All good things come to an end—even low mortgage interest rates. They’ve been steadily rising and are poised to climb even higher this year.

When they do, the cost of buying a home will rise as well. This could make the challenges of today’s buyer’s market even worse for some prospective purchasers—particularly first-time buyers, having to settle for smaller abodes, fixer-uppers (in the real sense, not the TV sense), and homes farther out where real estate is cheaper.

Some may even be priced out of the market altogether thanks to a toxic combination of soaring home prices and increasing mortgage rates.

Search For Homes In The Dallas Texas Real Estate Market

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