Dallas Real Estate 2018 – Here’s What To Watch Out For

Dallas Texas Real Estate

Planning on investing in the Dallas Texas real estate market in 2018? If so, you’re making a smart choice! The DFW real estate is still going to continue to be a hot commodity this year as more people are continuing to move to the Dallas area to take advantage of the hot jobs market and opportunities the area offers them.

What To Look For In 2018

West Dallas became the face of Dallas’ affordability issues in 2017 when residents’ homes became subject to gentrification. But West Dallas is really just a microcosm. DFW is the fourth worst metro in the U.S. for affordable housing, according to The National Low Income Housing Coalition, offering only 19 low-income units of affordable housing for every 100 demanded. Longtime low-income residents have few affordable options. Compared to every other major metro in the country, Dallas has the highest poverty rate—and it’s climbed by more
than 40 percent in the
last 15 years.

Search For Dallas Texas Real Estate

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