Is Buying A Home In The Dallas Area Still A Smart Investment?

Dallas Texas Real Estate

Over the last two years the Dallas-Fort-Worth (DFW) area has had some of the best real estate deals in the United States.

The DFW real estate market has opened the door for Texas residents to become real estate investors and it’s also lured buyers from other states for affordable home prices when compared to those in California and other states but the BIG question is if the DFW real estate market is still affordable or not.

A Changing Real Estate Market 

Jill Rooney found a house she liked with quartz countertops and wood floors in Mansfield, and immediately offered to buy it for $210,000.

That was $15,000 over the asking price. And it wasn’t enough.

“I went 15 grand over, and I thought for sure I had this house,” said Rooney, 39, a Mansfield High School teacher. “I even wrote a personal letter to one of the owners. She had been at the house when I visited it, and she had her baby, and we talked for a long time. She was so proud of the house. I thought we had made a personal connection, and we did, but it didn’t help.”

Rooney’s experience is becoming more common as North Texans deal with historically high residential property prices — which have risen to levels that make some question whether buying a Fort Worth-area home is still a worthwhile investment.

Still A Good Investment

Although we’re seeing more stories like Jill Rooney’s, the reality is that homes in the DFW area are still a good investment when compared to other states, like Calfornia, where the median home sales price is over $500,000.

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