8 Easy Ways To Redecorate Your Home


Are you searching for tips you can use to redecorate your home? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article I will share with you several tips you can use to redecorate your home.

1. Move on from the holidays

No matter how much you love your Christmas tree and long to hang onto that holiday spirit, it’s high time to put away your holiday decor—before the end of January at the very latest—so you can make a clean break in the new year.

“Toss the not-so-nice-looking ornaments and keep only what brings you joy,” says Mim King, a daily money manager and professional organizer.

Can’t part with your pine? Denude wreaths so they’re clean and green on doors, and then snip a few plain boughs from the tree—before it hits the curb—and put them in a vase.

2. Replenish home scents

Stash that Fraser fir diffuser until next year, and bring out a new fragrance for your living room. Ones to try this winter: cedar and sage, vanilla, citrus, or black hibiscus. And don’t forget visuals when it comes to home scents.

“Transition from red-based potpourri to green or springlike colors,” suggests King.

3. Lean on neutrals

Let go of red and green accent pillows and throws, and stick to wintry white. Neutrals are the best blank canvas for the home, especially when you’re between holidays and seasons. Keep the same soft fabrics, but focus on beige, browns, and slate blues. While you’re at it, flip couch cushions over and vacuum up all those nasty holiday crumbs.

4. Swap indoor greenery

Simple green plants (even fake ones) are an easy transition from the riot of color you had over the holidays. Instead of red poinsettias, try forcing white narcissus bulbs. You can also dismantle your holiday arrangements by tossing the holly and ilex berries and keeping just the bare branches, pine cones, and magnolia leaves.

5. Plan future projects

Resetting your home decor starts with a solid plan, so grab some paper and make a list of the areas you’d like to refresh, such as lighting or window treatments.

Tired light fixtures and drapery are two things that can really date a room, notes Gray-Plaisted. And if you’re jonesing for a new paint color, look to greige, which is beige but without that old-fashioned yellow tone.

Krista Romer of KD Designs suggests creating a budget and time frame for projects. Keep in mind that spring is around the corner, so if you want to order furniture, certain pieces can take eight to 12 weeks to arrive.

6. Update your bedding

Change your bedspread, pillow shams, or duvet cover for an easy new look in your boudoir.

“New bedding can make this space feel like a real retreat, plus January is when a lot of white sales occur,” points out Gray-Plaisted.

7. Focus on one drawer

Not every reboot move has to be obvious to the eye. Cleaning out a hot spot that’s been nagging at you is a good place to start. Take a peek inside your linen closet, medicine cabinet, or kitchen junk drawer, and spend 20 minutes organizing it—once and for all.

“When you declutter, you can call into your life what you desire,” notes Julie Coraccio, an organizing expert at Reawaken Your Brilliance.

For example, if you want more income, clean up your home office—and for a new relationship, neaten the bedroom.

You can also shop your closets while you declutter. We’re all guilty of buying things and then stashing them, so once you organize, you might find a surprise item you can use, notes Drew Henry of Design Dudes.

8. Change the layout

Nothing says “new” like a different layout in the living room or den. Move the couch from one wall to the other, swap end tables for pieces from another room, or add a colorful rug under your new design for an extra layer of coziness.

Justin Riordan of Spade and Archer Design Agency recommends drawing a floor plan.

“It doesn’t have to be on graph paper and look perfect—just let it give you a sense of where things should go,” he says. And be sure to rehang your art when you’re done.

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